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Who We Are
​​Geerz is a unique therapeutic, mountain biking program. Our innovative curriculum is designed to help kids struggling with challenges like ADD/ADHD, social and behavioral problems, low self-esteem, anger management, family dysfunction, and adolescent anxiety. Many of our riders have been referred by school psychologists and private therapists.  For others, their parents simply “understand” that there are underlying issues like obsession with electronic devices, lack of exercise and limited social interaction that require creative and hands-on attention.
What We Do
Geerz utilizes the magic of mountain biking as a supportive, drug-free, natural approach to empowering kids to develop self-esteem, physical fitness, focus, and emotional well-being. Our program incorporates goal-oriented, positive behaviors to fundamentally rebuild a child’s emotional framework.  The focus of doing this in nature through physical activity nurtures the child's body and soul. As our tagline says, each week, our riders are literally and figuratively “conquering challenges, one trail at a time.”
Why We Succeed
Teachers are overwhelmed. Parents are frustrated. The kids know that there must be more to life than shuffling between school and their digital screens. Geerz teaches Israeli kids empowerment — without medication, without critique, without stigmatization. This dynamic creates buy-in from the kids, not resentment at being “treated”. Learning to mountain bike boosts a child’s self-esteem with a healthy, constructive release and the realization that he or she has the power to create a path to confidence and achievement. We have long lists of moving testimonials from parents describing transformations that their kids have made through Geerz.
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