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Founder, Therapist & Head Instructor

Nachum Wasosky, M.TL, CMFT

Nachum Wasosky is the Founder of Geerz. He has been working with youth and their families for the past twenty years.

Nachum is an avid mountain biker. In 2012 many of the local youth that he was working with expressed an interest to ride with him.  As the interest grew stronger he fundraised for a few bikes to be used by these kids.  Weekly rides began and Nachum was astonished by the positive effects mountain biking was having in changing the lives of the teens and their families.  Unifying his two loves; working with youth and their families and mountain biking is what sparked the idea for Geerz.

Educational Director

Rivka Aminoff

Program Coordinator

Orly Gibson

Annual Charity Ride Director

Chaim Wizman

Youth Village Coordinator

Gavri Osterman

Operations Manager &
Human Resources

Rhea Glassman Plosker

Office Manager & Educational Consultant

Shana Wasosky, M.Ed.

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