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Since October 7th
Geerz has...

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Brought Day Programs to Displaced Youth

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With bikes, helmets, courses, and stunt equipment, Geerz staff spent the first few weeks after October 7th running therapeutic biking programs for displaced youth at several locations housing evacuees. In an effort to help them start the long process toward normalcy and security, we set up courses for the children to build confidence and resilience in their abilities.

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Increased Training for our Staff &
Updated Our Curriculum to Reflect Current Realities

Geerz has greatly enhanced staff training to enable our professionals to properly address PTSD, anxieties, and trauma brought on by the war. Our educational staff has worked to customize the Geerz curriculum to focus on social and emotional learning directly relevant to the aftermath of October 7th.

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Established Weekly Programs for
Evacuated Youth

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After running successful day programs for displaced youth and garnering overwhelmingly positive feedback, Geerz launched 4 new therapeutic riding groups for the Ethiopian community of Ibim evacuated to Nir Etzion. The impact has been tremendous; the community members have already requested that Geerz open additional groups to accommodate and help more kids. Multiple other communities of evacuees, in locations throughout the country, have requested Geerz weekly therapeutic riding groups to help their youth deal with post-October 7th challenges.

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Expanded Programs in Schools for At-Risk Youth

October 7th and its aftermath brought with it a flood of requests for Geerz therapeutic mountain biking programs in schools for at-risk children and teens. With a waiting list in place, Geerz is actively responding to requests to open new groups quickly and to answer the need efficiently and effectively.


Rode in Solidarity & Unity

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On February 4th, 75 Geerz riders participated in a memorable ride along the Gaza periphery. The group visited and prayed at the sites of the horrific massacres in Kfar Aza, Be’eri and the Nova festival. Former IDF Chief of Staff Aviv Kochavi addressed the group, expressing appreciation for the critical work Geerz is doing with suffering kids throughout Israel, especially children evacuated from their homes in the South. Despite the indescribable tragedy, Geerz riders were left with a sense of optimism at the unfathomable resilience of our nation.

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