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Montrose Change offers first-class foreign currency exchange services to Israeli residents and visitors to Israel. 


Lemkin Realty is the premier realty firm in the Beit Shemesh region. We work hard to get better deals and better service for you. Lemkin Realty's staff is made up of native English speakers that have been living in Israel for many years. Our office is located in Ramat Beit Shemesh, Israel, and we are here to help you throughout the day and most of the night! 

Where clean, crisp, and sharp, meet cheerful, and funky.  Where class and style take on a whole new meaning.  Where creativity is born.

Let your imagination become reality. 

A Sokol Design - the possibilities are endless.

​Oleander Graphic Design

Print graphics your way.

Leandra Olesky

The Bikeway situated in Givat Shaul, Jerusalem offers a huge selection of MTB and road bikes for all levels. Our spacious showroom also includes a complete range of biking accessories. The professional and knowledgeable staff are always happy to assist customers in finding the perfect bike, suited to their needs. The Bikeway has a outstanding workshop for all repairs. 

What sets Leumit apart in patient care? The only kupa with your top Anglo doctors available 24/6 for urgent medical consultation and email. Leumit: World Class Medical Service with a Personal Touch. Leumit RBS A Medical Director: Dr. Ephraim Rosenbaum. For more information, call Rivka at 0509955148

Trend Evolution is proud to have developed strong partnerships with the best US retailers including: 

Bed Bath & Beyond, Urban Outfitters, Staples, Burt’s Bees, Chapstick, Blistex and more. We provide retailers and manufacturers with distribution services and unique merchandising solutions, as well as operational and administrative expertise that generates significant incremental sales and profits for our partners.  

B Netzer Consultants Ltd is one of Israel’s premier consulting companies. Harry Zettel C.A. and Larry Deverett head up the Anglo  division of B Netzer consulting Ltd. We offer business consulting and marketing consulting. B Netzer consulting Ltd. Can help your small or medium sized business gain access to government backed loans for small and medium sized businesses. 

Bizness Magazine is the premier publication for the Anglo-Saxon population in Bet Shemesh and Jerusalem. 

To advertise call 02 999 3939. 

Circulation: 17,000

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