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Post High-School Yeshiva Program

The Post High-School Yeshiva Program runs for 24 weeks. The boys ride for 1 1/2 hours on weekdays between Sunday to Thursday. Geerz provide bikes, helmets and gloves. The rides in this program are highly subsidized by our generous supporters to enable each Yeshiva student the opportunity to participate. 

During the ride, the participants stop half-way to rest their bodies and activate their minds. During this time, the Geerz Leadership training is given over. On each ride a different facet of leadership is explained, explored and discussed. At the end of the ride, the day's goals are reviewed. 

The curriculum for this program harnesses and strengthens the natural physical, emotional and mental challenges of mountain biking, while at the same time connecting the participants to Hashem (G-d) and the Land of Israel.  Geerz’s curriculum is structured to build strengths one on top of the other, constantly spiraling upward. Geerz’s unique curriculum will ultimately create a more balanced person that will then be able to shift gears in life.  

Due to the nature of mountain biking, it is inevitable that the participants will be positively affected mentally. Being out in the hills provides them with time to unplug from our fast world and literally have a ‘breath of fresh air.’ This directly affects the rest of their week by helping them think and act more calmly and clearly. As the curriculum encourages the participants to mentally internalize their increased mountain biking skills, as well as teaching them first aid and emergency procedures they recognize that they can succeed in life. This new found confidence overflows into their daily routine.

The art of mountain biking is a skill that pushes one to what they think is their physical limit and then proves to them that they can go further.  Each week the physical element of the curriculum progressively introduces mountain biking skills that are directly applied and practiced on hand picked trails. The different trails, gradually challenge the bikers to continuously push themselves physically further. The curriculum also includes the skills needed to maintain and repair a bicycle and plan ahead properly. All of these are not only mountain biking skills, but life skills.


The participants strengthen their emotional well being as expected through mountain biking and the gains are magnified by Geerz’s unique curriculum.  Each ride focuses on strengthening an important leadership trait. These traits are discussed and practically applied as each weekly ride will bring new obstacles and situations.  Experiencing a personal strength first hand builds the participants’ character.

Geerz trails are currently in the Judean Hills around Beit Shemesh.  These hills are filled with archaeological ruins that date back to the time of the Prophets. Geerz groups are guided through these hills and infused with not only the beauty, but also the holiness that permeates the land. The Geerz staff use the holy land, the TaNaCh and the yearly calendar as tools to help strengthen the participants’ connection to Hashem and our Land.

Schools in the Post High-School Yeshiva Program

Yeshivat Lev HaTorah

Located in Ramat Beit Shemesh Alef, Israel. It offers a post high -school Yeshiva Program for Americans students to further their Judaic studies for 1-2 years before going to University. What the students can expect at YLH is: personal attention, being part of a community, challenging and diverse curriculum, serving the community (chessed), religious zionist philosophy.

Yeshiva Lev HaTorah New Zealand and Australian Limmud Program

​For more information on how to bring Geerz to your Yeshiva please email:

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