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 Geerz Bike-A-Thon     

       The event starts at 15:00.

       Check-In will start from 14:00. Riders will receive their bike-a-thon t-shirts at check in. 

       Please note, that only riders registered  to ride will be allowed to ride. This includes fathers who want to accompany their young sons. 


       Location: the bike-a-thon will leave from Nachal Yarden / Nachal Yarken by Moniot Aviv


        * Bikes must be have anti-puncture "goo" in the inner tubes

        * The gears and brakes have to be in perfect working order

        * Each rider needs to have a helmet, 1 liter of water and sunscreen


       There will be two routes. 1 for younger riders, and 1 for older riders. The ride is 45 minutes to 1 hour long


       * After the ride there will be music, hotdogs and giving away of the grand prize and a raffle.

         We are raffling off 3 bike-kits, sponsored by Moshe of The Bike Way. Every participant in the bike-a-thon will automatically

         be entered into the raffle.



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