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1st Annual Bike-A-Thon

Lag B'Omer
May 7, 2015 // 15:00-17:00
Location: Nahar Hayarden/ Nachal Kishon (by Moniot Aviv)
Open to ALL men and boys, over age 7. Registration is necessary.
Required equipment: a mountain bike with gears, helmet, sunscreen and 1liter of water
      Register on the day at 14:00

Registration Details 


Registration will take place at 14:00 at the bike-a-thon.

Fee: 30 shekel (cash only please)

Riders under 18 will need a parent to sign the waiver OR you can download, print, sign and send the waiver with your riders.


Dowload English waiver

Dowload Hebrew waiver



Geerz has already changed the lives of hundreds of riders,

with our unique leadership  development and mountain biking curriculum.  

All the proceeds of the bike-a-thon will go to sponsoring deserving youth to participate in Geerz.


Info on Day's Event

Check-In will begin at 14:00 at Nahar Hayarden and Nachal Kishon (by Moniot Aviv).

Riders will receive their bike-a-thon t-shirts at check in.

*From 03/05/2015 new registered riders may be subject to receiving a standard Geerz dry fit t-shirt

Please note that only registered riders will be allowed to enter the bike trail. Any fathers interested in accompanying their sons must register.


        * Bikes must have anti-puncture "goo" in the inner tubes

        * The gears and brakes have to be in perfect working order

        * Each rider must have a helmet, 1 liter of water and sunscreen


The event starts at 15:00.

Routes: There will be two routes. 1 for younger riders, and 1 for older riders. The ride is 45 minutes to 1 hour long.

Post Ride Party: After the ride there will be music, hotdogs and the raffling off of the grand prize - a new mountain bike. In addition, we will be raffling off 3 bike-kits, sponsored by Moshe of Derech Ofanaim. Every participant in the bike-a-thon will automatically be entered into the raffle to win one of three bike-kits.

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How to Win Prizes

All the proceeds raised from the Geerz Annual Bike-a-Thon will provide scholarships for deserving youth. Participants are encouraged to ask friends and family around the world to sponsor them. Prizes will be awarded according to the amount raised. The more you raise - the better the prizes you win! Registering in the bike-a-thon automatically enters you into the bike-kit raffle.


 We have teamed up with root funding to allow your family and friends

an easy and secure way to sponsor you online.

Here is the link:



Make sure that all of your sponsors write your name in the message section,

so we know who raised the money!!!

If your name is not in the comments section, then the donation will not be included in your total. 

  For those of you that would prefer to download our sponsorship sheet and bring the money to the bike-a-thon

click here.

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